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Why Prioritizing Self-Care Should be Your Top Priority:

Updated: May 2

Put on Your Own Oxygen Mask First

This is a standard pre-flight check that is also applicable to life. Unless you take care of yourself FIRST, there is absolutely no way that you can help anyone else. This means taking care of your emotional, physical, spiritual, and personal needs in such a way that there is gas in the tank for everyone else. When you are busy, taking time for self can seem like a low priority item. However, putting yourself last when you lead a demanding, time and labor-intensive life is the last thing that you want to do. My version of the oxygen mask application starts early in the day.

Pre-Play Your Day

Visualize what you want your day to look like, complete with the outcomes you want to see.  Visualization of a desired outcome plays a huge part in making that outcome happen.

Take Time to Move Your Body

I wish I could take credit for this…but no. I picked up this gem from Former First Lady Michelle Obama, who mentioned in her first book that early morning workouts before her family rose were key to not only getting the workout in, but also to making her day go smoother.  I have a ridiculously early start to most workdays, usually at 4:00 or 4:15.   I don’t do a full-on workout before my commute, but I do take time for a brisk walk of at least a half mile for exercise and enjoy the early morning.

Fill Your Spiritual Tank

For me this means taking a few minutes to meditate and center myself before tackling all I do in a typical day. I use both guided and free flow meditating, with the commonality for both being breath-work. Counted box breathing is the ticket for me to tune into me for meditation. I also use this technique to calm ad center myself if the day gets chaotic. I like to think of it as finding a pool of calm in the midst of chaos. Box Breathing: Inhale to a count of 3, hold for a count of 3, Exhale to a count of 3, hold the exhale for a count of 3 and repeat.

Fuel Your Morning

Everyone has a different concept for this.  I’m protein driven, and I like breakfast, so I opt for steel cut oats and quinoa with berries, or peanut butter toast and fruit or a protein fruit and veggie smoothie, with my beverage of choice on non-smoothie days being mint green iced tea. Coffee early in the morning makes me crazy. I also avoid high sugar content first thing in the morning, since it starts me on a sugar rollercoaster all day. 

Listening to Your Body

Listening to your body as you make these choices to start your day. Consistently running out of energy during your workday, having cravings or mood swings is a sign that something is out of balance, either with diet, or your stress management. Mindful adjustment of your AM routine will get you to a stress-free end of your day and a peaceful evening.

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