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I'm delighted to introduce you to the Oshun Energy Medicine Resources page, a carefully curated collection of my favorite educational materials and sources. This page is dedicated to providing you with knowledge and insights about perioperative care and helping manage serious or chronic illnesses. 


Whether you're looking for guidance to prepare for surgery, seeking understanding about complex health conditions, or exploring ways to enhance your recovery process, these resources are selected to empower you with information.


My aim is to support your journey towards better health by sharing the knowledge and tools that have proven invaluable in my practice and to many of my patients at Oshun Energy Medicine.

Energy Medicine Reading List

These are a list of the publications that have helped me personally and professionally. I return to them again and again. 

The Four Agreements Cover.png

The Four Agreements

by Don Miguel

A foundational book on personal development, teaches how to better relate to yourself and others. Cultivate peace.

African Goddess Initiation.png

 African Goddess Initiation
by Abiola Abrams

A guide for reconnecting with the African diaspora as a healing  and grounding force

in your life.

Universe has your back cover.png

The Universe Has Your Back

by Gabrielle Bernstein

This book increases self confidence. It helps you trust the Universe is truly on your side.

E Squared cover.png

E-Squared: 9 DIY Energy Experiments

By Pam Grout

Practical exercises that teach you how to set those crucial intentions that improve your healing outcomes.

Ask and it is given cover.png

 Ask and it is Given
by Abraham Hicks

A road map for the journey from "it's not possible" to "everything is possible."

Illusions Cover.png

 Illusions:  Lessons from a Reluctant Messiah

by Richard Bach

A parable about the benefits of developing a strong connection to yourself.

Still Unsure About Perioperative Care?

Have questions about perioperative care or energy medicine? These FAQs provide clear, reassuring answers, helping you feel informed and at ease as you prepare for your surgical journey and consider working with me.

I highly recommend exploring mindfulness apps as a key tool for enhancing your recovery process. Mindfulness practices, facilitated by these apps, can significantly contribute to a more positive and resilient recovery journey. Engaging in mindfulness helps manage stress, reduce post-operative pain, and improve emotional well-being, making it an essential component of your healing toolkit. 

Yoga Wakeup - replaces your alarm with audio guided yoga & meditation.
Calm - an app that offers meditation, sleep, and relaxation tools.
Slowdive - an app to meditate, sleep, reduce stress, anxiety, and more.

Insight Timer - an app with thousands of guided meditation practices.

Meditation & Mindfulness 

Start Your Journey Back to Health Today

Ready to have a more personal conversation about your situation? Book a consultation and we'll find out if Oshun Energy Medicine has a solution for you.

I'm so grateful to live in an age when so much information is available to us online. Of course that also means you have to sort through a ton of not so great sites to find the good stuff. Luckily, I have a list of favorite places right here for you. 

Mindful Magazine - the voice of the emerging mindfulness community. 
Anne Bellamy - articles on Spirituality, Happiness & The Law of Attraction.
Jocelyn Joy Thomas - intuitive writing about Spirituality & Relationships.

Mind Valley - an online school for Humanity Transformational Education.

Qigong for Vitality - an ancient Chinese moving meditation exercise. 

Online Wellness Resources

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