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Frequently Asked Questions

If you need more time to schedule a call but are seeking more information, the Frequently Asked Questions page is the perfect starting point. Here, we tackle common questions about perioperative care, energy medicine, and managing surgery and serious illness treatments. 


Dive into our FAQs for insights into Dr. Kaye Brundidge's distinctive approach and practical advice on mentally and physically preparing for surgery or treatment for serious illness.

  • How do I know if perioperative coaching is right for me?
    If you're looking for comprehensive support that addresses both the physical and emotional aspects of undergoing surgery, perioperative coaching can offer you personalized guidance and peace of mind throughout your journey.
  • How does energy medicine complement traditional medical care?
    Energy medicine aims to balance and enhance your body's natural healing processes, complementing traditional medical care by addressing the emotional and energetic aspects of healing, which can improve recovery times and overall well-being.
  • What exactly does a perioperative coach do?
    A perioperative coach guides you through the entire surgical process, from preparation to recovery, focusing on both your physical and emotional well-being to ensure the best possible outcomes.
  • I am not into the “woo-woo” stuff. Would your coaching be right for me?
    There are lots of terms and techniques for the same concept, that of recognizing the flow of energy in and about us, and that we can affect that energetic flow. We live in a vibratory, energetic world. Everything we see, and encounter is made up of energy, vibrating at some frequency or another. We are made up of energy…the “star stuff” that the late astronomer Carl Sagan used to speak of. In the simplest of concepts, we all must manage our own personal energy. That’s what my service focuses on; personal energy management. Everything is connected and enmeshed in our Universe of energy. Thoughts lead to emotions, which lead to beliefs, which lead to actions, which lead to tangible results. It follows then that keeping the most positive thoughts will lead in turn to the most positive results. Think of the last day that you went through your day in/with a bad mood. How did that day go? How did those around you respond to you during the day? How did you feel at the end of the day? I show my clients ways to manage their thoughts and personal energy to achieve the results that they desire in the period surrounding their surgery.
  • Are there any lifestyle changes I should make before or after surgery?
    Depending on your specific needs, you may be advised to adjust your diet, exercise routine, and stress management practices to optimize your body's readiness for surgery and recovery.
  • What should I expect in the initial consult with Dr. Kaye?
    In your initial consult, expect a comprehensive discussion about your surgical procedure, personal concerns, and a custom plan that includes timeline, self-care strategies, and how to prepare mentally and physically for surgery.
  • How can I best prepare myself for surgery?
    Preparation involves understanding your procedure, following pre-surgery instructions, and implementing self-care practices recommended by your coach, such as relaxation techniques, to ensure you're mentally and physically ready. It also means asking all your questions, even the ones you might feel a little embarrassed to ask. I've worked in surgical health-care for decades and I've seen it all. It's unlikely you're going to shock me.
  • What kind of post-op support can I expect?
    Post-op support includes follow-up consultations to monitor your recovery, advice on managing pain and discomfort, and strategies to accelerate healing, ensuring a smooth transition back to daily activities.
  • How can I manage my recovery at home effectively?
    Effective home recovery involves adhering to your post-op care plan, staying in touch with your coach for guidance, and engaging in prescribed self-care practices to enhance healing and reduce complications.
  • Can Dr. Kaye work with my current medical team?
    Yes, Dr. Kaye can collaborate with your medical team to ensure a cohesive care plan that integrates both conventional and holistic approaches for your surgery and recovery.
  • Do you only work with women?
    Before establishing my business, I worked with many clients, not just women, who sought my expertise in energy management and my experience as an anesthesiologist familiar with surgical procedures. I've also assisted children of friends and colleagues through their perioperative journeys. My focus on women stems from observing female patients managing their family's needs before surgery, only to face emotional challenges upon entering the operating room. This experience highlighted the need for the unique support I can offer, combining my skills as an energy intuitive with my anesthesiology background. My aim is to meet individuals where they are, providing education and support in a way that resonates with them. The feedback I consistently receive, "I’ve never had anyone explain things so clearly before," affirms the value of my approach in demystifying complex concepts and procedures, fulfilling my passion for making a meaningful difference in people's lives.
  • What makes Dr. Kaye's approach unique?
    Dr. Kaye's approach is unique because it combines her extensive medical background with holistic practices like energy medicine, focusing on the whole person rather than just the surgical procedure.
  • What insurance companies do you take?
    I do not take insurance at Oshun for two main reasons. First, because in order to be reimbursed for my services I would have to agree to the time limitations set by each of the insurance companies. I think that compromises my ability to give good care. I think all of us have experienced leaving a doctor’s appointment and only then having an important question you meant to ask pop into your mind. I want my service to be accessible to my clients, and respectful of the fact that important questions can arise outside of the typical 15 or 30-minute medical appointment time slot. Secondly, the administrative paperwork involved in taking commercial insurance would require me to raise my prices significantly to bring on a medical billing professional. It's my goal to serve as many people as I'm able to and to make my services as accessible as possible. Working inside the commercial insurance model does not support that mission.
  • Can I use an FSA, HSA or HRA to pay for my session?
    Every qualified health service savings plan has it’s own specific rules. Recently, in some instances for some plans, qualifying items were expanded to include things such as over the counter allergy and cold medications. Check with your plan for specifics, but Oshun can accept payments from some of these plans. **Prior notification that you wish to use a health service savings will be used in payment is kindly requested to assure that I can accommodate your specific program and I am able to set up properly.

Still Have Questions?

OK. You've learned more about what Perioperative Care is and how I help patients have better outcomes after surgery or serious illness. But, you still have questions. An informal 30 minute chat* might help clarify things.

* There are no fees or obligations for your first coffee chat

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