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Perioperative Support Services

Welcome to Oshun Energy Medicine, where your journey to empowered healthcare begins

At Oshun Energy Medicine, we believe in a heart-centered focus, respecting what makes each person unique. Our perioperative management plans are tailored to your preferences, family dynamics, spiritual beliefs and work situations. This customized approach to your health crisis ensures you receive the best information and support for your upcoming surgery.

Global Perioperative
Care Package

6 Weeks | $1,500

6 weeks of support
Initial consult (60-90 minutes) 
Written pre-op plan, including timeline
Pre-op check-in (1 day - 1 week ahead of surgery)
Post-op follow up


Perioperative Care 

2 Weeks | $400

2 additional weeks of support 
Can be pre-op or post-op

More About Oshun Services

You've decided you want support during your recovery from surgery or serious illness.

What does it look like to work with a perioperative care specialist?

What You Can Expect

  • A new experience of health care where every question is addressed and each concern is valid

  • Detailed plans for your surgical timeline and specific recovery challenges

  • Responsive support via:

    • Phone appointments

    • Zoom meetings

    • Voxer messaging app

Comprehensive Support

  • Immediate perioperative support for any last-minute questions

  • Scheduled support opportunities tailored to your needs

  • Individual support for you and your support person during the critical pre-op and post-op periods

Your Path to Empowerment

  • Begins with a detailed questionnaire to chart a custom plan focused on you

  • Engage in a 60-minute session to discuss and organize your surgical journey

  • Stay connected with me for questions and guidance throughout the process

Payment and Packages

  • Convenient payment options offered through Square and PayPal

  • Flexible payment plans available after payment of your deposit

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