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Discover the real impact of our approach through the stories shared here. These testimonials from men and women facing surgical procedures and serious illnesses with Dr. Kaye Brundidge's guidance vividly illustrate the impact of our unique approach to care. Integrating perioperative support with energy medicine, our clients reveal how blending external medical knowledge with internal wisdom leads to empowered decision-making, enhanced recovery, and uplifted spirits. Each account is a testament to the transformative care and compassionate support that define Oshun Energy Medicine, showcasing real-life examples of resilience and healing.

Sharon's Story

"My husband had been suffering intense pain in his jaw and gums while waiting for his dental insurance to kick in. Dr. Kaye did several remote Reiki sessions to mitigate the worst of his pain so he could function and work. It was major dental surgery with 5 extractions and extensive bone grafting. The day before his procedure, she did a remote Reiki treatment for the best possible outcome and quick healing. He was projected to be off work for two weeks but was only down for 5 days, returning to work a week early.


His healing has continued to be successful. He is now ready for the next stage of procedures and won’t do any next steps without a Reiki treatment plan. We are so very grateful that he can receive and benefit from this powerful and healing energy work from Dr. Kaye."


~ Sharon

Nina's Story

"I have had the incredibly good fortune of having not one, but two experiences working with Dr. Kaye before surgery, and her help in both instances made ALL the difference to me.


The first experience was when my six-year-old grandson had to be circumcised. Dr. Kaye, with her extensive experience in pediatric anesthesia, listened to me, really listened, and never made me feel silly for any of my questions or concerns. She explained what would happen before, during, and after the surgery clearly and was available throughout the entire surgical period for support. My grandson came through with flying colors, much to the relief of our family.


The second time was for my own surgical procedure. Dr. Kaye's compassion and encouragement were invaluable. I felt prepared, safe, and strong going into and after the surgery. Her support made such a significant impact that I believe she was there with me even when I was “under.”


Dr. Kaye even helped explain issues surrounding a past trauma after my mother's heart surgery, providing clarity on situations that were never explained to us and were terrifying at the time.


I am so grateful to Dr. Kaye for being there for me and HIGHLY RECOMMEND her. What an incredible service she is providing!"



Eric's Story

I'm a kidney transplant recipient and for 15 years things worked well.  Last December, I suddenly had a rejection episode. For whatever reason my body decided that my transplanted kidney was a foreign body that needed to be destroyed.


After 10 days in the hospital, I was finally released and I was a mess.  I’d lost 15 pounds and even simple things like going from standing to sitting were difficult.  I slept over 12 hours every day and had no energy.  


Dr. Brundidge did several energy treatments on me and I gradually regained strength and muscle control.  Today I’m nearly back to my normal self.  Thank you, Dr. Brundidge!


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