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Meet Dr. Kaye

Physician and Perioperative Coach

Dr. Kaye Brundidge's journey in medicine is a testament to her relentless pursuit of integrating traditional medical practices with a deeper, more holistic understanding of patient care and how we heal. With over 25 years of experience as an anesthesiologist, Dr. Brundidge's career began in the bustling corridors of hospitals, where her keen observational skills and intuitive understanding of patient needs set her apart. Her dedication and expertise quickly made her a preferred anesthesiologist among surgeons in the Seattle area, known for her ability to significantly improve patient recovery and outcomes.

However, her exploration into energy medicine actually began with her embrace of a vigorous yoga and meditation practice.  This period of expanded consciousness marked a turning point in her career. Dr. Brundidge recognized the profound impact of addressing not just the physical but also the energetic and emotional aspects of patient care. This realization led her to develop practices that empower surgical patients, particularly women, to take control of their health journey. She coaches her clients in self-advocacy, teaching them techniques to stay calm, regulated, and confident throughout their surgical experience.

The name "Oshun Energy Medicine" is deeply rooted in Dr. Kaye Brundidge's journey of rediscovering her foundational influences, particularly her connection to Afro-Brazilian Culture and Dance. This cultural grounding, especially significant during times of stress and uncertainty, is pivotal in shaping her Energy Medicine Business. 

The name pays homage to Oshun, the Yoruban deity symbolizing sweet waters, guardianship of humanity, and human love. In both Afro-Brazilian and West African cultures, Oshun represents a fierce warrior, embodying protection expressed through love. This concept resonates with Dr. Brundidge's mission to care for her client's well-being and health through her intuitive gifts, Reiki and Energy Medicine. Her goal is to guide and assist people in tapping into their inner wisdom, strength, and power, embodying the essence of Oshun's nurturing and protective spirit.

Today, Dr. Brundidge is a pioneering healthcare figure, seamlessly blending her extensive medical background with energy-intuitive practices. As a health coach for surgery and serious illnesses, she offers a unique approach to patient care. Her work is not just about preparing for treatment; it's about transforming the entire experience, ensuring her clients are mentally and physically ready for their procedures and have the best recovery possible for their individual situations.


Winner of "Excellence in Anesthesiology," Best in Washington Magazine - 2024

MD - Washington University School of Medicine - St. Louis - 1987

MD - UCLA/Helms Institute of Medical Acupuncture - 2010

MD - Neuroanesthesia Fellowship - 1993

Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki I, II, Reiki Master and Master Reiki Teacher

200 hour Hatha Yoga Training, Kriya Institute of Yoga.

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