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Vibration, Frequency and Attraction

We live in a vibratory, energetic world. Everything we see, and encounter is made up of energy, vibrating at some frequency or another. You are the transmitter and receiver.

You must tune yourself to the frequency of what you wish to experience or observe. Kind of like tuning into an old-school radio station. We have a habit of speaking of frequency casually; “I got bad vibes from that person”, or “We are totally on the same frequency and vibe.” It is inescapable that energy is all around us. We are made up of energy…the “star stuff” that the late astronomer Carl Sagan used to speak of.

We have the absolute power and privilege to make energetic choices of our own when we decide on our vibration and frequency.

Everything is connected and enmeshed in our Universe of energy.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” ― Nikola Tesla

Thoughts lead to emotions, which lead to beliefs, which lead to actions, which lead to tangible results. Think of the last day that you went through your day in/with a bad mood. How did that day go? How did those around you respond to you during the day? How did you feel at the end of the day? Contrast it with how you feel when you start the day with a positive attitude or mindset, and how you feel at the end of such a day.

The trick is that The Universe is very obliging to give to us energetically things that we are an energetic match for. If you consistently resonate a frequency of positive thoughts and energy, you will tend to draw to yourself experiences which will reflect your positive thoughts and vibration. The same is true when your thoughts or vibration is one of negativity. More experiences will be drawn to you that are an energetic match to those negative thoughts and vibration.

It’s all about being an energetic match to the things you ultimately draw to yourself.

Why the chatter about frequency and vibration? Because getting your thoughts and attitude into a positive frame is critically important when you are having surgery.

1. Having an unshakeable attitude that you are well informed and have made good choices for the surgery variables is one part of the equation.

2. Having confidence in your surgical team and your ability to recover is another, as is…

3. Having your family or support network organized and there for you through the whole perioperative experience. My observation in my years of practice is that having a positive mindset, with an equally positive focus, mirrored by those around you, are key factors in successfully navigating the surgery process.

I love helping people, particularly busy superwomen, understand these connections! I show them how they can use the power of positive frequency, intention, and vibration to empower themselves and attract positive results in their surgical journey and beyond. Schedule a discovery call to see how my experience and training can help you.

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