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My Energetic Path

Despite there being notable pivotal, game-changing moments, my path of energetic discovery was gradual, and tempered by my scientific background and medical career. I had an early life steeped in music and the arts then shaped and defined by science…with a few quirks thrown in.  I recognized the reality, but not the significance of the fact that I had an uncanny sense for when things were about to go bad in life and with loved ones (and later in the OR)Despite the initial oddity and shrugs I provoked, I honored those intuitive pops, and found they enable me to also have and a strong skill at heading off anesthetic chaos.  Some of that was the excellent training in my field, but some of it, I came to understand, was about me and 

Honoring And Acting On My Intuition.

 I began to connect more strongly with what was right for me, rather than what was the expected or usual life path and choice.  On a planned desert retreat which allowed me to focus on my inner world, I committed to make decisions based on my own inner compass.  Habits like sticking everything out to the end…no matter if it made me miserable or not, ended up making me miserable as I still completed the walk on that path.  It was in this process that I discovered that a journey filled with unhappiness and misery resulted in an outcome that was far less than happy.  How can it be otherwise?


It was also at this time that I discovered the magic and beauty of the Big Island of Hawaii, one of my personal power places, and one of my favorite spots on the planet.  The combination of a tropical location, the energy of the volcanoes and the dynamic creative forces of wind, earth, air and fire and creation of some of the newest land on earth was intoxicating. It wasn’t only the vacation magic that we all experience…it was truly special. I reliably experienced that feeling of magic, ease, connection, and joy, and the sense of coming home and connecting to the earth on every visit I had there. Dancing like a crazy person underneath the windswept trees of South Point on the Big Island because the energy there was so electric was something that I couldn’t explain at the time, but later learned may have been due to that being an ancient place of power and energy. 

“Try to be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud. "Maya Angelou 

Slowly but surely, I began discovering the energetic truths that I knew and felt intuitively and began to connect with the energy of nature in all its aspects.  Both processes were key as my energetic awareness developed, and I began making systematic and regular use of the power of the energy that all of us have within us.  It’s the innate power to make our lives rich…and to move mountains.

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