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Attract Your Success

Updated: May 2

Bee That Flower!

One of the most amazing and true energy lessons that I learned is that The Universe matches the frequency of the energy vibrations we put out. It’s actually neutral. It’s about being an energetic match for what you wish to receive. There is an old-fashioned saying that “you attract more bees with honey than you do vinegar” that is equally true and just as applicable.

Personally, and with my patients, I've discovered that having the most positive thoughts and expectations for what you wish to receive or have happen is a huge step towards making that outcome a reality. I’m not talking about a wish tree, but about matching your desired outcome with the active energetic mindset to make it happen.

What on Earth Does That Mean?

It means having thoughts and intentions that tend to attract your desired outcome. There is a progression of thoughts leading to feelings leading to emotions leading to mindset leading to intention. That’s a longhand way of saying you are creating an energetic vibration. When there is a positive outcome your desire, having pleasant thoughts about that outcome tends to inspire more positive thoughts.

Gratitude Opens the Doors of The Universe

One of the most positive and powerful thought form expressions you can have is one of gratitude. A cool trick is that the body can’t tell the difference between an event that has not happened or one that has. So, by offering a feeling or emotion of gratitude for an event that has not yet happened, it’s like you are sending the vibration out in the Universe to give me something to match my feeling of gratitude...or more to be grateful for.

The Universe Matches Your Dominant Vibration

The Universe is very obliging in that it matches the dominant vibration you put out. When you are lovingly and positively imagining appreciating a desired outcome or receiving a desired object, it’s like you are sending out invisible attraction beams to bring that desired outcome to you. Corny? Nope! This is what happened to me yesterday.

“Look forward to where you want to be and spend no time complaining about where you are.” — Esther Hicks

My Universe Attraction Game

I lost a contact for a public speaking coach recommended by a friend. Even though I’m not ready to participate in the coaching series, I still wanted to make the connection, and become familiar with this person and her teaching offerings. I wanted to see if her teaching style and content resonated with my overall philosophy. (More on resonance on another blog) I did several searches, to no avail. I ended the topic and search with the idea that when I needed to find the information, it would show up.

Less than 24 hours later, with no further effort on my part, the contact for the coach showed up on one of my social feeds, and I was able to follow her. My little flower of positivity and hope attracted exactly what I wanted. Thanks, Universe!

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