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Improve Your Treatment Outcomes with Personalized Care

Private perioperative health coaching for all stages of a serious illness journey

Meet Dr. Brundidge

Certified Anesthesiologist and Perioperative Health Coach 

Hello, I'm Dr. Kaye Brundidge; as an anesthesiologist, I blend conventional treatment with energy medicine practices to ensure shorter and less stressful recovery times for my surgery patients. With over 25 years of medical expertise, I'm excited to offer that knowledge to the public outside the hospital environment. My health coaching empowers people to confidently and easily navigate their surgical or serious illness journeys. My practice is a unique fusion of medical knowledge and intuitive healing, and I'm dedicated to making a profound difference in my patients' lives.


Oshun Energy Medicine Services: How I Can Help


Global Perioperative

Care Package

Comprehensive 6-week support from initial consult through to post-op follow-up, ensuring a tailored and guided support experience 


The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of Self Love. Start Your Journey Today.

My husband suffered intense pain in his jaw and gums while waiting for his dental insurance to kick in. Dr. Kaye did several remote Reiki sessions to mitigate the worst of his pain so he could function and work. He was projected to be off work for two weeks but was only down for 5 days, returning to work a week early. He is now ready for the next stage of procedures and won’t do any next steps without a Reiki treatment plan.

~ Sharon

I had the good fortune of having two experiences working with Dr. Kaye before surgery, and her help in both instances made ALL the difference to me. Dr. Kaye's compassion and encouragement were invaluable. I felt prepared, safe, and strong going into and after the surgery. Her support made such a significant impact that I believe she was there with me even when I was “under.” What an incredible service she is providing!

~ Nina

I'm a successful kidney transplant recipient and last December, I had a rejection episode. After my release I was a mess. I’d lost 15 pounds and even simple things like going from standing to sitting were difficult. I slept over 12 hours every day and had no energy. Dr. Brundidge did several energy treatments on me and I gradually regained strength and muscle control. Today I’m nearly back to my normal self.  Thank you, Dr. Brundidge!

~ Eric

Have Questions?

Do you have questions about perioperative care or energy medicine? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page where we provide clear and reassuring answers. We aim to help you feel informed and at ease as you prepare for your surgical journey and consider working with me.

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Let's Connect

If you're seeking a transformative approach to perioperative care or managing a serious illness, the best way to connect with Dr. Kaye Brundidge is to schedule a call. This one-on-one conversation is where she listens to your unique story, understands your needs, and explores how she can best support you on your health journey. 


If scheduling a call isn't feasible right now, sending an email is also an option. Dr. Brundidge is always open to hearing from you and is committed to understanding your situation to provide the most effective and compassionate care possible. Your well-being is her priority, and she is here to guide you toward a path of empowered healing.


Phone: 425-499-1779

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